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What's The Most Annoying Thing Someone Can Do On A Date?

We all have them!

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We all have pet peeves when dating. Sometimes they're slightly annoying things, like someone texting in the middle of a conversation...


When my date is always on their phone! There has been a few times I've been out for drinks or food, and I'm like "Are you on Instagram right now?" Whatever happened to good old face to face conversation? What is so important on your phone that the person you care about in front of you can't supply you with?

Other times they're a little worse, like your date talking about their ex...


So I was on a date yesterday, and the guy I was on the date kept talking about his Ex all the f--king time. I feel like he hasn't moved on. Even if the story you wanted to tell me about your Ex was kind of funny, I just honestly don't think it's a good idea on a first date.

Or your date fully ghosting on you.


So what I don't understand is when we make plans to literally meet up, we have a set time and a set place and I'm texting you and I want to confirm "Yes, we're still on," and you just ghost me, like just reply to me. We already did the hard part.


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