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    The Widest Crackdown On LGBTQ In Egypt

    The LGBTQ Community In Egypt is Living In Fear

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    Special thanks to Solidarity with LGBT Egypt and NoH8 Egypt for coordinating the protests and helping us with making of this video


    Just a few weeks ago on September 22, 2017 a group of Egyptians raised a rainbow flag at a Mashrou’ Leila concert.

    This led to the widest crackdown and arrests of LGBT individuals in Egypt.

    59 arrests were charged on the basis of “engaging in promoting debauchery” and 2 of these arrests were also charged with belonging to a “banned group”.


    Around the time of the end of the revolution 2013/2014, over the past 4 years, 232 people have been arrested not including the recent arrests in September. These arrests go hand in hand with a deluge of anti-gay media coverage.


    Once detained, those rounded up face abuses by police. “From testimonies collected in the past, we know that beating, cursing, and limiting visits is a systematic practice by the police the worst treatment takes place in police stations, which sometimes include physical harassment, groping and threatening

    with sexual violence. Authorities sometimes carry out invasive anal examinations, and at least five people arrested after last month’s concert were subjected to the procedure, this treatment, beyond breaking international law is tantamount to torture.”

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