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24 Spectacular One-Tier Wedding Cakes

Bigger isn't always better.

Amy Sefton / BuzzFeed Life

1. This rose-colored one with a luscious peony topper.

Brosnan Photographic Styling by One Fab Day

2. This perfectly wintery one that got a little bit ~naked~.

Linda Lomelino / Via

3. This fancy AF gold cake that you can make yourself.

Jenna Rae Cakes / Via

Find out how here!


4. This cute white one with lovely pink chevrons.

Vitalic Photo / Via mariaVcreative

5. This watercolor-inspired one, which looks like a work of art.

Maggie Austin Cake / Via

6. This whimsical one, all covered in golden woodland creatures.

Rosalind Miller Cakes / Via

7. This gold-striped one that Kate Spade would definitely approve of.

Riverland Studios / Via


8. This glamorous mint-green one with a fabulous sugar flower.

Hudson Nicols Photography / Via

9. This caramel-drizzled one that'll make your mouth water.

Linda Lomelino / Via

Guess what? You can quit drooling and make it yourself! Recipe here.

10. This adorable one that makes a topper unnecessary.

Erica O'Brien Cake Design / Via

11. This pretty pink one that has a healthy topping of flowers.

Tin Sparrow Studio / Via

(And bunnies!)


12. This glorious, succulent-covered one.

The Nichols / Via

13. This one, which is wearing its hearts on its icing.

Hummingbird High / Via

Recipe here.

14. The modern one with elegant gold leaves.

Mike Larson Photography / Via

15. This one that's studded with ombré roses.

Rosalind Miller Cakes / Via


16. This super-simple white one with a delightful candy necklace topper.

Best Friends for Frosting / Via

The topper is ridiculously easy to make! Find out how here.

17. This adorable, buttoned-up one.

SprinkleBakes / Via

DIY instructions here.

18. This sophisticated black one with awesome animal toppers.

Holli B Photography / Via

19. This rustic-chic one. / Via Cake by the Vanilla Pod Bakery Photography by Theresa Furey Styling by Wedding Creations UK


20. This fabulously fun sprinkle-covered one.

Kate Wagner / Via

DIY instructions here.

21. This wondrously romantic, oxblood-colored one.

Mito Sweets / Via Facebook: mitosweets

22. This one, which looks like a party in cake form.

Pure7 Studios / Via

23. This buttercream one with fun pink flowers and gold leaves. / Via

24. This toasted coconut-covered one with the sweetest topper ever.

Jessica Frey Photography / Via

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