16 Jaw-Dropping Pictures Of Home Makeover Before-And-Afters

From drab to fab.

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1. This claustrophobia-inducing work space...

...that was transformed into an uncluttered home office you'd actually get some work done in.

What a difference putting everything in storage makes! It took just eight days to complete the project, which brilliantly included a small closet built to hide a sewer and other utilities.


2. This very retro kitchen...

...that got some fresh paint and a whole new vibe.

And it's still retro! It cost just $250 to update the charming space. Chalk paint was used on the vintage cabinets, and a gorgeous area rug covered up the uninviting floor.

3. This very standard laundry room...


...that became a minimalist laundry room with lots of nice-looking storage space.

OK, this makes doing laundry seem slightly more tolerable. Two 40-inch Ikea cabinets hold all of the unsightly cleaning supplies, while sanded and stained cedar fence boards were used for the wood accent wall. The finished transformation cost just $350.

4. This almost completely barren basement room...

...that was reimagined into a fully outfitted rustic cabin.

Yes, that is the same room! It cost just $107 to make the transformation, thanks to some free old crate wood and stones scavenged from the side of the road. The fake-out window (looks real, doesn't it?) was created by hanging a photograph a few inches off of the wall and lighting it from behind.


5. This cramped bungalow kitchen...

...that turned into an airy, marbled cooking wonderland.

Ina Garten would definitely approve of this kitchen. An obstructive mudroom was demolished to open up the kitchen space and add more storage room. Subway tiles and all-white cabinetry make the widened area seem even more spacious. Plus, check out that pot-filling spigot above the stove!

6. This barren bedroom...


...that became something that looks straight out of a Crate & Barrel catalog.

Just rotating the bed gives a bedroom a completely new feel. Subtle wall decorations like the gold birds and a mirror make the room feel simple but cared for.

7. This lime-green and black (?!) situation...

...that was remade into an open-concept kitchen with all the modern amenities.

Whoever said black and green was the new thing in kitchen design was seriously disturbed. Here, that motif was stripped away, along with a dividing wall that separated the kitchen from the dining room. The new area looks much more spacious and way less kitschy.


8. This very boring bathroom...

...that morphed into a classy AF bathroom.

Marisa Vitale / Via

This transformation feels like a breath of fresh air. Removing the blinds on the window brings in a ton of light, and the new patterned tiling complements the brown and white accents perfectly.

9. This gloomy-looking kitchen with "sticky" cabinets...


...that was reworked into a much more aesthetically pleasing place to cook and eat.

It took two people three weekends to DIY this dream. The awkward counter corner and way-too-low cabinets were eliminated for a more space-efficient kitchen. The renovation is as resourceful as it is pretty: All of the wood from the demolished corner area was reused, the cabinets were stripped and repainted white, and the sink was a $50 find from a yard sale!

10. This very basic bathroom...


...that morphed into a Pinterest-worthy bathroom with an extra sink.

Ah, the beauty of a light gray wall color. The old shower, which had been DIYed into a stall with a seat in it by a previous owner, was demolished to make way for a tub with fancy new tile. The large medicine cabinet and over-toilet cabinet doubled the limited storage space, and the single sink was turned into a double.

11. This unfinished attic with lots of work to be done...


...that became this insanely cozy hideaway.

The jealousy is real. Wood paneling on the ceiling gave the attic a cabin-like feel, and a bed nook was added for an extra coziness factor.

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12. This dark and outdated bathroom with felt (!) wallpaper...

...that became a bright, modern-meets-rustic masterpiece. that really the same bathroom? The mostly DIY project — a plumber rerouted the water lines and another professional framed everything out — was designed on a computer and created with the help of YouTube videos! The wood wall accents are old pallets that were bought off Craigslist for $1 per piece.


13. This pretty generic staircase...

...that stepped up its game and became a totally unique staircase.

So sleek and so cool! Free scrap metal was used for the railing, and the bamboo on the steps makes everything look much more up-to-date. Those cubbyholes underneath the bottom stairs are a brilliant place to kick off a pair of shoes, too.

14. This humdrum home office...


...that got an upgrade and became this super-stylish work area.

This looks like a Pottery Barn ad in real life — in a good way. The owners gave the old desk a new stain to help it match the room's new look, added in a dark gray accent wall, and made the lighting fixture out of a $17.99 basket.

15. These awkwardly placed closets...

...that were reworked into a dressing area with awesome sliding barn doors.

Proof that bringing the outdoors inside can be a very good idea, the owner also left the middle closet open and later filled it with a dresser. The total project cost about $250.


16. This basic beige bathroom...

...that became a white wonderland.

How'd they get it to look so bright with no windows? With high-gloss paint, beveled mirrors, and polished nickel fixtures. Here's hoping they have plenty of Windex for all of it.

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