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17 Pictures That Prove Dogs Are Just Meant To Be Carried, Not Walked

Dogs in bags are too pure for this world.

1. There's something very important going on in the world right now, and everyone needs to know about it.

2. It's dogs in bags.

3. Some dogs in bags are carried around in bags decorated with pictures of other dogs...

4. ...and some are dogs in bags attached to other dogs.


5. Some are in bags with a whole bunch of their friends...

6. ...while others are just chillin' all by their lonesome.

7. I KNOW THIS IS NOTHING NEW. I know this has been around for as long as Ina Garten's been wearing blousy button-downs (read: eternity), but these very large doggos in bags recently reminded everyone just how perfect the whole thing is.

Twitter: @meanboysclub

Dog have been banned from New York subways unless they fit in a bag, but this apparently has not stopped people from trying to get their large dogs on the train.

8. Because come on, big woofers deserve bags, too!

Twitter: @meanboysclub


9. Are they not deserving of a ride?

10. Are they not worthy? I DON'T THINK SO!

Twitter: @PamelasRageLove

11. Instagram accounts like Dogs in Bags are also celebrating this particular form of adorable.

12. Because let's be real, it's one of the few good things left in this world.


13. We need this right now.

14. It's too important to not give it any recognition.

15. So, thank you dogs.

16. Thank you, bags!!!!

17. And thank you for joining me on this journey.

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