19 Pictures That Will Make Total Sense To Swimmers But Confuse Anyone Else

Just keep swimming...

1. This very accurate picture of how swimmers were created:

2. This will make any of you shudder:

3. When you're on the starting blocks:


4. And toward the end of practice:

5. This accurate description of the different strokes:

6. And also what they hate:


7. Plus this way-too-real chart of the 200 distance of each stroke:

8. When you get to practice outside in the summer:

9. This painful moment: / Via Nickelodeon


10. Basically, the perfect description of lane lines:

11. This is for all the lady swimmers out there:

12. What happens when you have early practice:


13. Yeah, this is very scientific and very accurate:

14. You're one or the other, and you know which you are:

15. Seriously, this is what warming up is really like:


16. This perfect "thank u, next" meme:

17. If you enjoy butterfly, I just will never understand you:

18. When you want to call your coach out on their BS:


19. And finally, when people ask why you're single/how much time you swim, and you think of this:
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