24 Pictures That Are Hilarious But Also Way Too Real To Swimmers

Like how you count 25, 50, 75, 100, and not 1, 2, 3, 4, for starters...

1. You're a swimmer AND one of these four subcategories:

2. The difference between swimmers and everyone else:

3. And how you count, compared to everyone else:


4. What lane lines REALLY mean to you:

5. This starter pack that will make any swimmer shudder:

6. And this one that will actually make you feel good:


7. This starter pack for swimming during the summer:

8. And this final starter pack for all the lady swimmers in the pool:

9. You're either one or the other, but rarely are you both:


10. This very accurate breakdown of your time spent at a meet:

11. This incredibly satisfying moment:

12. Things your coach does that drive you crazy, Part One:


13. Things your coach does that drive you crazy, Part Two:

14. Things your coach does that drive you crazy, Part Three:

15. And to cap it off: Things your coach does that drive you crazy, Part Four:


16. This terrifying feeling:

17. And this related one:

18. This very unfortunate but very real problem:


19. Basically the two things swimmers need to survive and can't stop thinking about:

20. When someone thinks they can get away with doing this:

21. When you pull this power move:


22. And the amazing feeling of this moment:

23. When being on a relay makes you feel like a literal super hero:

24. And finally, this is totally you and your teammates:
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