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30 Dogs Who Failed So Hard They Won

Cats have their moments, but so do dogs, you guys.

1. This dog who got stuck in the couch and now has to deal with humans and their cameras.

2. This dog who can't even handle a small-sized egg.

3. This dog who thought it would be a good idea to break through the gate.

4. And this dog who thought the mirror was a portal to some other world.


5. This dog who reached for the couch and lost the battle.

6. And this dog who reached for the ottoman and lost the war.

7. This dog who can't even hammock.

8. This dog whose feet are a little too slippery for that table.


9. This dog who thought he'd go for a nice walk in the snow.

10. This dog who annoyed the cat and must live with the consequences.

11. This dog who was so close to freedom.

12. This dog who has no idea how to retrieve the treat on his head.


13. This poor dog who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

14. This dog who forgot how to catch.

15. And this one.

16. This corgi who can't even crawl into a tent.


17. This dog who's wearing boots that were NOT made for walking.

18. This dog who got hardcore shamed for eating the panda bear.

19. This dog who got stuck in a very strange position and has no idea how to get out of it.

20. This dog who tried to bite water...............


21. And this dog who tried to play fetch with a BABY.

22. This dog who tried to attack his reflection.

23. And this dog who tried to chase his shadow.

24. This dog with the slowest reaction time ever.


25. This dog who thought the door was closed even though another dog literally JUST went through.

26. This dog who can't escape his bowl.

27. This dog who shouldn't have played with the cat's toy.

28. This dog who's afraid of that door thing.


29. This Shiba on a trampoline.

30. And this dog who is staring at a curtain instead of out the window.


Note: The previous photo in #28 has been removed and replaced.

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