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  • Eight Ways Amnesty International Helped Change The World

    Rewind to 1961. Hemlines were front-page news, The Beatles and The Beach Boys were topping the charts, civil rights activists were preparing for the biggest march in US history, while here in Australia Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples hadn’t even been given the right to vote. In another corner of the world, two Portuguese students were being imprisoned for raising their glasses to liberty – an injustice that infuriated British lawyer Peter Benenson so much that he founded Amnesty International on 28 May 1961. Every day since then Amnesty International has worked with individuals and communities to bring their stories to the world and shine a light on human rights abuses, wherever they occur. Today, as Amnesty International celebrates its 53rd birthday, we highlight some of our achievements.

  • Torture Is Widespread

    Amnesty International has launched a new campaign which shows that during the last five years, torture and other forms of ill-treatment, have occured in at least 141 countries from every region of the world.

  • Simple Acts That Can Land You In Prison

    If you are considering travelling anytime soon, you may wish to rethink doing some of these acts in the countries below. The fact that these basic activities can land some one in prison is shocking. Stand with Amnesty International and be a voice for change.

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