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14 Different Types Of Flatmates You Meet While Renting

Even if you live alone, you've met these people.

1. The one flatmate for some reason IS ALWAYS HOME like what do YOU DO. WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS HERE??

2. They also always eat your food.

3. The couple that's always in the living room and makes you feel like a third wheel.

4. The flatmate who manages to leave their stuff all over the place and yet is conveniently never around for the flat clean.

5. The one that always has a friend needing to crash on the couch from overseas.

6. The flatmate that still thinks it’s OK to leave the knife he used to make a sandwich on the edge of the sink because they're not sure if they want one or two sandwiches just yet.

7. The friend who always thinks it's cool to have an afterparty at yours without asking. Like it's cool but would've been nice knowing.

8. The one who ALWAYS insists on doing something together ALL THE TIME, even though you really have nothing in common.

9. The new housemate who's never lived away from home before and has no idea how to do their own dishes.

10. The one who never ever leaves their room except to use the bathroom or the fridge and even then it's only for like two seconds.

11. The one who's always hoarding random stuff.

12. The clumsy one who is always accidentally breaking stuff that they really don't mean to.

13. The one that always loses their stuff and then asks to borrow yours. Then loses your stuff!

14. The slightly passive-aggressive one who'd rather leave notes than have a chat about stuff.

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