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The 20 Worst Things That Happen When You Go Out

Card minimum = maximum frustration. Going out doesn't have to be lame. Head to AMF for Saturday night fun without the drama.

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1. When the music is so loud, you literally can't have a conversation.

2. Your regular hang is incredibly crowded, and you can't move.


Panic. Attack.

3. And you're left standing in some weird corner looking for a table.

4. Bartenders who think you're invisible. / Via

"I just want one single Peroni!!!!"

5. Rain.

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"Just a little shower. NBD."

6. When it's really early, but some people have clearly gotten a huge head start.


You're a little much right now.

7. When that person is you.


"My roll is not slow right now. It is rapid. It is very rapid."

8. When you see your ex at the bar with their new boo.



9. Spending more time in line outside the hot club or bar than you do in the hot club or bar.

cote / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: cote

You can see the line from space.

10. When people get ratchet where they shouldn't.


There's a time and a place for everything. That time is not now; that place is not here.

11. When those people are your friends.


Just ain't with it.

12. Not getting buybacks.

13. Some rando won't stop hitting on you.


"Please. I'm just trying to do me over here."

14. Sticky floors. / Via

Did someone butcher an alien in here or something?

15. Credit card minimums.


"$20!?!?!? And let me guess: well cocktails are $7 a piece..."

16. Making romantic advances. Failing.


"I wish I was never born."

17. When it's late, and you're super tired, but the person you have to leave with is still having tons o' fun.

BuzzFeed / Via

18. Forgetting to close your tab.


Made worse if you don't realize until the next day... when you're trying to pay for brunch.

19. Ill-advised, late-night stunts and tricks.


No, you were 100% right. That was the coolest thing ever.

20. And finally: When the bar turns the lights on at closing time.