How To Be Awesome On Facebook

When it comes to Facebook, you either get it or you don’t. Follow these simple DOs and DON’Ts to never annoy your friends on Facebook again, and become the coolest friend in the world by sending money directly on Facebook with Serve® from American Express.

1. Do: Post something hilarious as your timeline cover and profile picture.

Don't: Post song lyrics as a status when you're feeling blue.

2. Do: Share cute photos to brighten up your friends' day.

Don't: Share your political views. Just don't. Please.

3. Do: Post job leads and other helpful announcements.

Don't: Post terrible, unfunny made-up jobs in the jobs section.

4. Do: Get in touch personally instead of posting on someone's wall when you learn big news.

Don't: Like someone's status when they just broke up with their significant other.

5. Do: Share special coupon codes and other online deals.

Don't: Sign up to belong to really terrible Facebook groups.

6. Do: Avoid posting those incriminating photos of your friends from last weekend.

Don't: Constantly post schmaltzy inspirational quotes.

7. Do: Use your page to get the word out on how to help out in your community.

Don't: Invite your friends who live on the other side of the country to your events.

8. Do: Share a few minutes of fun with a good old-fashioned "poke" battle.

Don't: Share way too much information.

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