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Living Room Upgrades In 60 Seconds

Teamed up with American Express to show you how to add a little zest to your living room. Learn more about the ‪#‎BlueCashEveryday‬ Card:


You’ll Need –

3 lemons

A bundle of rosemary

1 tsp vanilla extract

Instructions –

1. Slice up the 3 lemons and cut the rosemary into smaller sections.

2. Place items in a pot of boiling water and add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Let simmer for as long as the scent is desired.

3. Occasionally add additional water when it runs low.


You’ll Need –

Stalks of dried wheat or grasses

Embroidery floss

Instructions –

1. Separate dried wheat into small bundles.

2. Using the embroidery floss, tie a knot around the stems. Spin the stalks to wrap the embroidery floss around them. When the wrapping section reaches the desired length, tie another knot around the stems and cut off remaining embroidery floss.

3. Continue to do this for multiple bundles of the stalks and assemble into a vase.


You’ll Need –

Empty glass bottles

Micro LED string lights (one per bottle)

Instructions –

1. Take an empty glass bottle and feed the end of one of the micro LED string lights into it. Continue until the end of the string is reached.

2. Do the same for the rest of the bottles and place them together for a display or arrange throughout living room space.