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3 Fridge Organization Tips

Teamed up with American Express to show you how to control the chaos in your fridge. Learn more about the #BlueCashEveryday Card:

You’ll need ­–

Binder clips

Washi tape

Permanent marker

Magazine file holders (ideally metal)

Instructions ­–

Binder Clip Wedge:

1. Take two binder clips and clip them through the same wire of a fridge shelf.

2. Lay soda cans facing the front of the fridge and stack them.

3. Binder clips act as a wedge to keep your drinks contained and free up space in fridge.

Binder Clips (hangers):

1. Take binder clips and cover their spines with washi tape.

2. Use a permanent marker to write the names of bagged food items.

3. Roll up the tops of bags and clip them to fridge shelf wires and let hang.

4. If food bag is heavy, use two binder clips.

Magazine Files:

1. Empty out freezer.

2. Place magazine files sideways into freezer.

3. Place freezer items inside magazine files.