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An Ode To Last-Minute Packing

Whether you're a last-minute packer or a plan-aheader, the American Express Gold Rewards Card gives you the flexibility to travel on your own terms.

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You're not a suitcase filler. You're a world traveller.

Packing your bags is literally the last thing on your mind. First thing is the destination. Second thing is the awesome stuff you'll do there. Third thing is the people you'll meet and the memories you'll create from the dust and the dirt of the paths that you travel. What you pack is like…way at the bottom. It's at the end of the list, with what you'll eat at the airport. And that is LOW.

Besides, packing is seriously annoying and should be avoided at all costs.

The only thing more annoying than packing is moving. But, hey, let's not even start talking about moving, because none of us want to weep right now, OK? Seriously though: Packing adds needless stress to what's otherwise an amazing experience — a FANTASTIC AND AWESOME TRIP.

Packing is's like...someone is like, "Hey, we are going to give you a giant ice cream sundae with all of your favourite toppings," and then your response is like, obsessively rearranging your table and planning out exactly how you're going to eat the sundae.

You're eat the sundae...with a spoon. Now relax.

(And you're going to travel with…your heart. Feeling the feels yet?)

Oh, and there’s a thing called a FORECAST.

It's more accurate the night before. Need we say more?

If you’re packing, you’re not living in the moment; you’re thinking ahead. STOP, THAT’S NOT HEALTHY.

Which is cooler: being spontaneous or planning every day of your life down to the tiniest detail? Which is more fun: a surprise or not a surprise? Which is the better phrase: "Fly by the seat of your pants" or "Hey, I need to stay home tonight to pack"?

The best vacations are the haphazard ones. Lose your map. Misplace your key. Get on a train that's going the wrong direction. Take advice from that street puppeteer instead of your guidebook. AND THROW A BUNCH OF RANDOM CLOTHES IN A BAG AND GO, GURL. Bask in the glory of your true travel flexibility.

And travelling light is travelling like a pro. Undeniably.

In addition to, um, it being LIGHTER…travelling light shows that you're a true badass who's got everything he needs right up here (points to head). Even if it's your first time in a city, you'll figure out where to get a pair of snowpants, a nourishing bite to eat, or a sari if you need it — and for cheap too. Nothing dampers a trip more than carrying a massive bag and getting looks from all the locals. Poor fool, they think to themselves. His bag is big. His mind is...not big. Like, at all.

That's what they'll say about you.

Besides, it’s not what you take with you. It’s what you bring back.

Are you crying yet?


Now, go out and enjoy yourself.

(Don't pack.)

Wear your packing title like a badge of honour. With the American Express Gold Rewards Card, every decision is always yours.

Forget the restrictions that come with other rewards programs. From planning the trip to booking the tickets to finding the perfect hotel, now you can have the flexibility to travel whenever, wherever, and however you want.


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