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15 Instagrammers Show Us Their Favourite Aussie Spots

There's no shortage of stunning landscapes in Australia. These Instagrammers shared their own MySecretOz – an initiative encouraging people to capture their everyday inspiration.

1. Kata Tjuta

Courtesy of Lauren Bath / Via Instagram: @laurenepbath

Uluru is the main drawcard for visitors going to the Northern Territory, so many miss out on Kata Tjuta, also known as The Olgas.

Photo by: Lauren Bath

2. Trees of Brisbane at Nudgee Beach

Courtesy of Reichlyn / Via Instagram: @rikerama

Brisbane's majestic trees reflected on the water on a clear day are what inspires this photographer.

Photo by: Reichlyn A.

3. Sunrise on Palm Beach, Queensland

Courtesy of Andrew Bartholomew / Via Instagram: @surfistatomato

Sure, sunrises happen every day. But once in a while, their beauty will take your breath away.

Photo by: Andrew Bartholomew

4. Secret Sydney Rooftops

Courtesy of Vinh Pham / Via Instagram: @vinhphams

There's something truly secretive about looking down from a bird's-eye view of Sydney.

Photo by: Vinh Pham

5. The Bogey Hole, Newcastle

Courtesy of Carla Dibbs / Via Instagram: @carlitadibbs

This awesome swimming spot by the ocean in Newcastle provides inspiration for swimmers and photographers alike.

Photo by: Carla Dibbs

6. Caves Beach

Courtesy of Rob Mullaly / Via Instagram: @robmulally

Caves Beach in NSW is a secluded spot tucked away under the cliffs and a great place to catch the sunrise.

Photo by: Rob Mulally

7. Anzac Bridge

Courtesy of Mark Cushway / Via Instagram: @mark_pc

One of Sydney's most striking landmarks, best enjoyed from a distance on a clear day.

Photo by: Mark Cushway

8. Minnamurra Rainforest

Courtesy of Denise Kwong / Via Instagram: @twistdee

With its striking greens, this rainforest in NSW is perfect to visit after a heavy day of rain. Utter serenity.

Photo by: Denise Kwong

9. An Ombre Sky at Jindabyne

Courtesy of Taylah Nilsson / Via Instagram: @taylahnilsson

A magnificent winter sunset over pines, on the way back from a snow trip in Jindabyne, NSW.

Photo by: Taylah Nilsson

10. A Scenic Morning Run in Sydney

Courtesy of Beaut Lotus / Via Instagram: @beautlotus

There's no better way to wake up in the morning... and to be inspired to "keep going".

Photo by: Beaut Lotus

11. Mount Wellington, Tasmania

Courtesy of Matt Glastonbury / Via Instagram: @mattglastonbury

Wellington Park stretches out for kilometres, and the mountain is a much-loved source of inspiration and refuge for locals and visitors. A true winter wonderland.

Photo by: Matt Glastonbury

12. Sugar Pine Forest

Courtesy of William Patino / Via Instagram: @william_patino

The cathedral of trees in Sugar Pine Forest is truly one of Australia's hidden treasures. This magical land is tucked away in Laurel Hill, NSW.

Photo by: William Patino

13. The Grampians

Courtesy of Mark Lobo / Via Instagram: @marklobo

Regain your balance and refresh your view on the Pinnacle Walk in Wonderland, part of the Grampians, Victoria.

Photo by: Mark Lobo

14. Gunlom Falls, Kakadu National Park

Courtesy of Caz & Craig Makepeace / Via

At the top of the falls in Kakadu National Park, NT, is a pristine swimming hole with magnificent views over the valley below.

Photo by: Ytravel blog

15. Luna Park, Sydney

Courtesy of Samah El Ali / Via Instagram: @poeticwordvomit

It doesn't matter where you are in Oz, you can always find unexpected symmetry and beauty in your surroundings.

Photo by: Samah El Ali

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