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10 Kids Changing The Tech World

These kids were coding web apps when you were watching cartoons. See how Membership is helping one woman on her mission to empower a new generation of innovators.

1. Ann Makosinski, 16, Thermoelectric Flashlight

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Makosinski created a flashlight powered by the heat radiating from her hand, which won her a Google Science Fair award.

2. Jack Andraka, 16, Inexpensive Cancer Detection

3. Eric Jacqmain, 19, Solar "Death Ray"

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Using over 5,000 mirrors, Jacqmain created a highly focused solar "laser" that can burn through nearly any surface.

4. Andrew Brackin, 19, Parking App

5. Nick D'Aloisio, 15, Summly

6. Elif Bilgin, 16, Banana Bioplastic

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Bilgin created a plastic out of discarded banana peels that is both cheaper and more eco-friendly than traditional petroleum plastics.

7. Jen Lamere, 17, Twivo

Lamere's app acts as a pause button for TV spoilers. Tweets pertaining to a live event can be delayed, and they'll show up at the top of the tweet stream after the event has concluded.

8. Viney Kumar, 14, App for Ambulances

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Kumar's app, PART, increases the time drivers have to react to approaching ambulances to 67 seconds from 7 seconds, on average. This drastically decreases the chance that an ambulance will be delayed or halted by traffic.

9. Sean McElrath, 17, KickAsk

10. Brian Wong, 19, Kiip

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Kimberly Bryant, founder of Black Girls Code, is just one Member of the American Express #PassionProject. See all of the inspiring stories here.