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12 Furniture Swaps You Should Make Now That You're A Grown-Up

It's time to let that futon go.

1. Your old bed frame just doesn’t hold any weight anymore. Upgrade to a bed frame that looks like it belongs to a grown-up.

2. Beer pong will always have a place in your heart, but it's time to graduate to a sleek and mature bar cabinet.

3. Those folding chairs were probably awesome for your porch or backyard in college, but now that you’re an adult, you deserve a real outdoor table set.

4. Seriously, how old is that futon? Ditch it for a stylish sleeper sofa!

5. Get rid of that crate you’re using as a nightstand and get, you know, a real one.

6. Your books deserve a better home than your floor. Treat yourself to a beautiful new shelf that shows off how much of a bookworm you are!

7. Your parents would be so proud if you traded that card table for a real dining set!

8. Swap out that funky garage-sale mirror for a modern full-length mirror to check yourself out in!

9. Your TV deserves better than a makeshift TV stand. You deserve better. Bless your TV and game consoles with an entertainment center!

10. Admit it: You don't even have a coffee table. Get one now and change your life (or at least your living room!).

11. That desk lamp you dragged along with you from college totally lacks personality. Replace it with a unique table lamp that is both functional and fly.

12. To complete your totally mature new crib, trade in those old posters for some beautiful, grown-up wall art!

All green-checked images courtesy of American Signature Furniture.

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