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20 Reasons Being A Freak Is The Freaking Best

Being normal is just so... normal. Celebrate your inner freak Wednesday Oct. 8 with the premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show 10PM on FX.

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1. You're the type of person who has always done things a little... backwards.

2. Maybe you've felt like your personality has always been bigger than the room you're in.

3. But it's hard to contain all that creative energy in one body.

4. Like most things about you, your beauty might not be conventional.

5. But you have a certain appeal about you that can only be described as "indescribable."

6. You inexplicably light up any room you walk into.

7. You always choose paths that others don't even dream to take...

8. ...providing you with unique perspectives on ordinary situations.

9. It's these freak-like qualities that make you more imaginative than most people.

10. Especially those who refuse to look beyond the surface.

11. It's those same people who don't always get you or how you do the things you do...


12. ...looking at you like you have two heads or something.

13. Sometimes even you don't understand where you find the strength to overcome the second glances and petty whispering.

14. But you're naturally built to stand tall.

15. You know that fortune favors the bold.

16. And on days that it feels like your quirkiness sets you too far apart from the rest of the world...

17. ...fellow freaks are always there to lend a helping hand...


18. ...knowing that you'll be there to give them a boost when they need it too.

19. But most importantly, you know how to have your own back.

20. Because at the end of the day, you can only do you, whether the world is ready for you or not.

Join your fellow freaks Wednesday Oct. 8 for the premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show 10PM on FX.

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