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10 Of The Best Bar Games You'll Want To Play This Weekend

Ready to rumble? Up the ante when you play these games with your friends this weekend. Always choose fun with American Honey.

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1. Spin the Dance Bottle


Who doesn't want time in the spotlight? This is like spin the bottle, but better. All you have to do is create a big circle with all your friends, drop the bottle in the middle, and let it rip. When the bottle stops spinning, whoever it lands on has to go in the middle of the bar and show off their best moves.

2. One Frog Jumping Over a Log


This tongue-tying word game will have you laughing at the bar for ages. Start the game by saying, "One frog jumping over a log," and add "frog" each round (example: "Frog frog jumping over a log"). Eventually it becomes near impossible!

3. Saying Numbers


There's no order to this game, just trust, and it's so much fun to play in large groups. Someone will start off by saying the number "one," a random person in the group will say "two," another will say "three," and so forth. If there's a long pause, someone can say "FREEZE" and everyone can take a swig. If two people say the same number at the same time, you have to start over at one.

4. Animal


Players gather together with one person saying the name of an animal. The person to their left must say an animal that starts with the last letter of the aforementioned one (i.e. "caT," "ToaD," "DoG," etc.). If a player gets tripped up, they must start the game over. You get six start-overs until you're out of the game. Last player remaining wins!

5. Celebrity

Good ol' Celebrity is so easy to play. Divide your group of friends into teams of three or more. Write down a bunch of famous people's names on little pieces of paper and throw them in a bowl, hat, or whatever is available. Have one person pick a piece of paper, and then have them try to get their team to guess the celebrity.

6. Spelling Bee


Spirited adults have a hard time spelling, so this is a great way to test your skills against your friends to see who is the bestest speller in the bar. Pick a bunch of complicated words and throw them in a hat. Have someone pull out a word, read it aloud, and ask someone to spell it. If it's a quiet night, you can even ask your bartender to be your moderator.

7. Play With Numbers

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Challenge your pals to see who can take home the most amount of phone numbers in one night. If you're single, you might even make a love connection. ;)

8. Green Grass Door

In this game, people have to "guess" what they can take through the Green Grass Door. The only things you can take are words that have repeated letters, like "cheese," "grass," "root," etc. The secret is that only the leader of the game knows which words are acceptable and which aren't. Players keep guessing until they recognize the pattern!

9. "Let's Go Camping"


One person thinks of a place for everyone to "go," and everyone else has to ask questions to determine what the place might be. Players go around saying, "I'm going camping, and I'm taking a...," and guess an object that might be needed in the chosen location. Everyone keeps going until someone guesses the correct place!

10. Questions


The objective here is to stay in the game by answering ridiculous questions quickly without breaking the rules. The rules include: no hesitating, no answering questions that aren't directed at you, no repeating questions, and no laughing. If you answer the question without breaking the rules, state the name of the person you're directing the next question to. But if anyone breaks any of these rules, they're out!