14 Reasons Why Childhood Games Are Even Better As An Adult

Got your game face on? Good. Grab a glass and celebrate your shot with the smooth, sweet taste of Wild Turkey American Honey.

1. Fewer rules and no adult supervision means a whole lot more fun.

In other words, headshots are now perfectly legal. Because you’re an adult now. Deal with it.

2. You get to come up with awesomely punny team names.

3. Slap 'em on awesome custom jerseys.

jake_martel / Via instagram.com

4. And alternate between even more awesome costumes.

erinmurphy8 / Via instagram.com

You know. For away games.

5. You can play as long and as late as you want to.

…and never have to worry about checking in with Mom.

6. And keep score, maybe??? If you want to???

backwood_pat / Via instagram.com

7. There's no "right" way to play.


This ain’t gym class, chief. Dodgeball by way of bouncy castle is just as valid as on the ol’ outfield.

8. It doesn't hurt as bad when you're picked last.

Even if you kinda sorta deserve to be picked last every now and then.

9. Spectating is suddenly just as fun as participating.

dianaliepina / Via instagram.com

Everyone becomes a soccer mom/dad the moment they step foot on a kickball field.

10. You can take it as seriously as you want to…

11. …or as fabulously as you want to.


12. You're an adult with actual hand-eye coordination now so you don't need some dang tee to knock one out of the park.

13. But best of all, if you win = drank.

14. And if you lose = drank.

karaholland / Via instagram.com

That’s literally the textbook definition of “Win-Win.”

Please remember to drink — and play — responsibly.

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