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15 Reasons Why Going Out For Dinner Is The New Clubbing

We hear you. As in...we can actually hear what you're saying.

To celebrate the launch of the no-annual-fee American Express Essential Card that comes with a $50 Dining Credit when you spend at least $50 at any Rockpool Dining Group restaurant, here’s the true facts of why restaurants > nightclubs.

1. When you arrive at the venue, there's no standing in line. You're straight in!

2. And unlike in a nightclub, it's super easy to find your friends.

3. You get to sit down for the whole damn evening.

4. And they bring you food. Lovely, delicious food.

5. The lighting tends to be flattering.

6. And the toilets are way better. Hey, sometimes they're nicer than the ones you have at home.

7. Your clothes won't finish the night stuck to your body, or wedged into crevices.

8. Your makeup won't begin its epic journey down your face, neck, and chest.

9. Date night, double-date night, or catch-up with friends — restaurants can do it all.

10. You can travel without leaving the country.

11. While your personal space remains personal.

12. Admittedly, the drinks are not supermarket prices. But they're still less than nightclub prices.

13. In restaurants, you don't have to be a VIP to get table service.

14. And you won't find yourself craving fast food on the way home, because you've already eaten!

15. Best of all, you can have an awesome time and still be in bed by 10:30pm.

Get the American Express Essential Card and you'll enjoy a $50 Dining Credit when you spend at least $50 at any Rockpool Dining Group restaurant.* Plus there's no annual fee. Enjoy your night out!

*Apply by 13 March 2019. Min. spend $50 at Rockpool Dining Group restaurants and/or Deliveroo. Terms, Conditions and Exclusions apply.