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The Perks Of Celebrating SAN-GIVING Instead Of Thanksgiving

All kinds of families across the United States celebrate Thanksgiving, including immigrant families. And when those immigrant families are from Latin America, they gather around a table and celebrate the yearly Sangiving feast. It's an annual gathering where aunts roast everyone on their lack of significant other, or weight while still shoveling piles of rice and turkey at everyone. And though no one wants to be reminded that they're "un poquito chubby" this year... there are several upsides to Sangiving. Here are a few of them:

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You Will Become an Emotional Ninja


Nothing hardens your mental fortitude like a million older relatives questioning all of your life choices while you all dig into a delicious feast that you cannot escape from. Their comments may sting now, but being roasted on a regular basis has it's perks. This ever developing skill will help you keep your calm on the subway, when you're around an aggravating coworker or classmate, and even around a mediocre superior at work.

Desserts Will Be Amazing


This particular point isn't exactly a jab at pies (many of them are amazing) but there's something to be said about flan, coquito, cajeta, and arroz con dulce. And just like Latinx families don't do basic snacks, we definitely do not do basic desserts.

The Sides Will Be Amazing Too


Sides will be everything from pasteles to tostones to tamales or empanadas. And they will all be delicious and worth having to see that one primo or prima you don't like talking to. Every time they turn to you, shove a savory treat into your mouth and make sure you aren't able to speak when you don't want to.

You'll Feel Grateful For Your Family... Even if They Drive You Crazy


Your familia might be blunt, and they may drive you crazy, but they care. And the more tias, tios, primas, and primos that come to your Sangiving celebration, the less cooking and cleaning you'll have to do afterwards. So cherish every moment with them, even if it means getting roasted and stuffed with food to the point of exploding.

Every Last Bite Will Be Well Seasoned


Some Latino families are loud, some aren't. Some are large, some are small, some are doing ok, and some lean towards dysfunctional. But most of our families do tend to have seasoned food every day of the year, but even better seasoned food for the holidays. So what if your tia says "estas muy chubby este año" if her arroz con guandules tastes superb.

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