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Exploring Israel Tours: Why Tel Aviv Is A Top Gay Travel Destination

One of the most pleasing aspects for tourists who have worked with World Express Travel on their Israel tours has been the ability to have a trip that has been customized just for their needs and plans.

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For many people, traveling around the world offers opportunities to have incredible experiences that provide memories which last a lifetime. While there are numerous nations that are popular destinations, one of the most intriguing for people of deep religious faith, or for those who have an appreciation for venerable lands shrouded in mystery, is the nation of Israel. Along with seeing ancient sites associated with their religion, tourists are also able to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in the Middle East as well as an incredible nightlife of clubs and bars. However, for those in the LGBT community, ensuring they have a safe and friendly travel experience is one of their most pressing questions. Therefore, it's important to choose a travel agency that specializes in working with LGBT and other related groups, and for many their first choice is World Express Travel.

Gay Travel Challenges

When it comes to planning a vacation, LGBT members realize there are always a number of challenges they may face along the way. Perhaps the biggest is ensuring there will be a high level of acceptance and tolerance of their lifestyle within the area they plan to visit, which naturally provides tremendous peace of mind as well as guaranteeing a much more enjoyable travel experience. For those who choose to work with World Express Travel, affordable Israel tours and Holy Land tours have proven to be the travels that have them coming back year after year. In addition to acceptance and tolerance, personal safety is also a big concern. To ensure no issues arise, World Express Travel works closely with hotels and other establishments to keep their guests safe during their stay, allowing travelers to instead focus on fun and excitement.

Equal Rights for Couples

While there may be no civil marriage in Israel, that does not mean all couples cannot have equal rights. For LGBT couples who choose to register themselves as a couple with their boyfriend or girlfriend, the good news is that this will provide them with the same legal status as straight couples. In doing so, their trip can be one filled with excitement and happiness, letting them interact with others in a relaxed and accepting environment.

The Best Gay City in the World

If there is one city worldwide that is open and accepting of LGBT members, it's Tel Aviv. With a variety of nightclubs geared specifically to the LGBT community as well as the world-renowned Pride Week along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv ranked first in a survey conducted by American Airlines and, edging out New York City for the top honors. Because of this, the "White City" as it is known continues to be a shining star in the Middle East when it comes to gay travel.

Tel Aviv Nightlife

While many tourists come to Tel Aviv to see the large number of missions, synagogues, and other symbols related to their faith, the city is also known for its incredible nightlife for the LGBT community. For many tourists, one of the biggest highlights of their trip is seeing how many clubs they can visit during their stay. Whether it's a large club with a non-stop beat or a smaller, more intimate club where the lights are low, there's no doubt Tel Aviv's nightlife is exhilarating. While there will be plenty of people dancing and songs being played, you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of pop star Madonna, who occasionally makes an appearance at local clubs to support the LGBT community. But don't worry, even if the Material Girl is a no-show, you can still find her favorite Israeli club DJ, Offer Nissim, playing his unique remixes of many of her classic songs.

Customized, Creative Tours

One of the most pleasing aspects for tourists who have worked with World Express Travel on their Israel tours has been the ability to have a trip that has been customized just for their needs and plans. Whether it's a small group wanting to explore their Jewish heritage or a larger group attending a Bar Mitzvah, a unique and meaningful travel experience is always ready and waiting. In fact, Holy Land tours are some of the most popular choices for those using World Express Travel, complete with expert advice from seasoned and knowledgeable guides who know the area as well as anyone.

Dreams Become Reality

While members of the LGBT community often hope for places where they can be accepted for who they are, it can prove to be difficult at times. However, Tel Aviv has made itself a city where no one will raise an eyebrow. Whether shopping for fashions on Dizengoff Street or simply relaxing on the beach with your significant other and friends, World Express Travel is committed to providing safe and friendly tours of Israel for LGBT members, helping make their dreams become reality.

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