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13 Tweets That Show Everyone's Absolute Rage Over Suicide Squad's Oscar Win

As should come as no surprise, the world sighed in collective exasperation when Suicide Squad won the Oscar for Best Makeup last Sunday. Here are some of the highlights courtesy of the ever reliable Twitter feed.

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1. The faithful puns.

SUICIDE SQUAD. The #Oscars will never be able to makeup for this.

2. The disbelief.

I can't believe Suicide Squad won an Oscar for writing damaged on Jared Leto's forehead

3. The existential questionings.

Suicide Squad has more oscars than The Shawshank Redemption, Taxi Driver & Psycho

4. The last minute edits.

Wouldn't mind if Viola Davis ended her speech with "And sorry about Suicide Squad. What the hell, am I right?" #Oscars

5. The shade.

Shocking: Suicide Squad now has more Oscars than Batteries Not Included

6. So much shade.

"The Academy Award winning Suicide Squad" #Oscars

7. The grim reality.

Only in this sorry ass universe would #SuicideSquad get an Academy Award. #Oscars

8. The "I see what you did there's".

9. The grave realizations.

Suicide Squad has now won more Oscars than Peter O'Toole.

10. The straight up shock.

Suicide Squad really has an Oscar #BGNOscarWatchParty #Oscars

11. The peanut gallery.

#ComicBookOscars SUICIDE SQUAD won an Oscar! 😀 The script was written in 6 weeks. This was for makeup, which actually took longer to apply.

12. The utter despair.

My reaction to Suicide Squad getting an Oscar

13. And finally, the silver lining.

Honestly, it feels so great to put our differences aside for one night, as a nation united, to shit on Suicide Squad one last time

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