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13 Signs You Were Born To Be A Kung Fu Star

You're a little bit of drama, but a whole lot of badass.

1. You’re pretty skilled in the flexibility department.

2. Oh, and balance. You've got that too.

3. Which is especially cool when paired with a swift kick.

4. You're bad about holding grudges...


5. ...but you're an extremely loyal friend.

6. You’re a bit of a show-off.

7. (OK, you're a lot of a show-off.)

8. And like all great kung fu stars, you're full of surprises.

9. Hard work doesn’t scare you. You love a challenge.

10. And your self-discipline is off the charts.

11. You probably went through a parkour phase...

12. ...and think weapon mastery is truly an art.

13. But most importantly, you will never understand people who don't share your love of action.


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