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8 Recipes To Describe Your Mostly Awful But Sometimes Nice Life

Yum! We’re serving up existential crises and momentary happiness!

All right, admit it — you've totally taken photos of your food and posted them on your social media accounts in hopes of a bajillion likes. Well, we've got news for you: You're doing it wrong. If you want buzz, you've got to show your followers who you REALLY are. Let it shine through your food porn. After all, a good dish is almost inappropriately honest. Next time you feel like whipping up an Instagrammable meal, try one of the recipes below!

1. Suspiciously Cheap Apartment Stir-Fry

2. A Hearty Music Festival Soup

3. Summer Friday Coq Au Vin

4. Public Transportation Reuben

5. Salmon on a Bed of Guilt About Not Calling Your Mom Enough

6. Job Promotion Quinoa Salad

7. Student Loan Quesadillas With Shredded Utility Bill Hash

8. That Party Where You Don’t Know Anyone Cocktail

For an even more brutally honest depiction of the food world, tune in to the premiere of AMC’s new drama Feed the Beast June 5 at 10/9C.

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