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11 Times AMC Saved Your TV Soul


1. When Walter White came knocking at your door:

You had not truly lived until this moment.

2. When Don Draper opened your mind up to the big questions:

And had you rethinking everything in a whole new sexy Draper light.

3. When The Walking Dead took you to a dark place:

And you felt EVERYTHING.

4. When Talking Dead let you nerd out all you wanted:


Something you had been training for your entire life.

5. When a ragtag bunch took the '80s computer revolution by storm:

And you never looked at computers the same way again.

6. When the very first spy ring formed in America:

And it was the best adrenaline rush.

7. When you never cared so much about a railroad:

And it kind of blew your mind.

8. When it might as well have been called Mad Women:

9. When Kevin Smith was as Kevin Smith as ever:


And you suddenly realized how much you needed him in your life.

10. When The Walking Dead channeled its inner Steinbeck:


"Just look at the flowers, Lizzie."

11. And when Slippin' Jimmy conned his way right into your heart:

And you never wanted him to leave.

When AMC continued to give you faith in television with a great new slate of programming!

Check out what's on tap: Humans, Fear the Walking Dead, Into the Badlands, and Preacher.

All images courtesy of AMC.