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"Into The Badlands" Is The Badass Show You've Been Waiting For

Drama? Check. Action? Check. Kung fu fighting? Check check check. Yeah, we're in.

Into the Badlands is set in the way, way, way, way future.

The land is divided and ruled by seven powerful barons you wouldn't want to mess with.

This guy is Sunny, a "Clipper," whose sole purpose in life is to protect and defend his baron to the death... THE DEATH!

Unfortunately, most of human civilization was wiped out after a series of catastrophic events. Now, only the strongest prosper.

Oh, and modern technology is basically nonexistent.

Bye bye, guns. Hello, badass bladed weaponry.

And people aren't afraid to use them.

It can get gruesome.

Are there superpowers? Of course there are superpowers.

And others fly through the air like they have 'em.

'Cause there's always another fight around the corner...

...waiting to bring the blood.

Into the Badlands brings the action. Don't miss the premiere of AMC's Into the Badlands on November 15.

*All images courtesy of AMC

And watch the full trailer here:

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