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    19 Things You Won't Relate To Unless You're An Asli Bhopali

    "Arre Kha, zara chai dena miyan" is our moment.

    1. You've dropped by the Upper Lake a million times and yet it never ceases to amaze you.

    Lake View Bhopal from travelphotos

    2. If Bada Talab is your eternal love, then under no circumstances you'd dare miss "Raja Bhoj ke saath ek selfie."

    Ambili Nair

    3. Grilled chicken botis, buff biryani, and bun kebabs have a siren effect on you whenever you're out for a walk in Qazi Camp.

    4. Just as chai from Raju Tea Stall is your lifeline.

    5. And so are the momos from Shahpura.

    6. You splatter like a hot skillet every time you realise Madhya Pradesh doesn't have its IPL team.

    7. Whenever you feel broke or bored, you end up dilly-dallying in DB Mall.

    8. Your haggling skills are par excellence because of your years-long practice in Chowk.

    9. And the Sunday flea market in Bhopal Talkies.

    10. For a quick scenic-view quest, VIP Road is where you always head out.

    11. And Tekri is where you end up if you want to chillax with your buddies, LMAO at love-struck couples, or eyeball at lonely singles.

    12. Kaliasot Dam is your centroid where sutta, Maggi, and pyaar meet as a triangle.

    Priyank Shrivastava / Getty Images

    13. Every time you pass this construction, you sad-giggle at its plight.

    14. For you, Iqbal Maidan is synonymous with India Gate's protests and rallies.

    15. To flex your nerdism, you often take your dates to Bharat Bhavan...

    16. And Tribal Museum.

    17. If you're a gym addict, you've been legit advised slurping on Kamar Bhai's Mutton Paya Soup in Chatori Galli.

    18. You've always wondered how much treasure must be hidden inside the sunken wreck of Kamlapati Mahal.

    19. And these words always leave you emotionally constipated (in a good way).

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