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    If None Of These 18 Hilarious Bollywood Memes Make You Laugh, Nothing Will

    Only true Desis will find themselves chuckling.

    1. This very helpful technique for calming heebie-jeebies:

    2. This friend request that makes you wonder if you've been existing in an alternate universe:

    3. This assurance that you give to yourself:

    4. This assurance that you give to others:

    5. This stupid move you make against your parents despite knowing what's coming next:

    6. This cringing interaction that every mommy and daddy can 'sorely' relate to:

    7. This very real dilemma that many numbnuts don't get:

    8. This confusion you undergo every time you hunt for their account:

    9. This crippling anxiety that strikes you every now and then:

    Desi Potatoes

    10. This regret that slays them:


    11. This feeling that hits us every start of the month:

    12. This unparalleled sense of accomplishment:


    13. This common occurrence on the internet:

    When you open Google on Internet Explorer and it says “Install Google Chrome for a better experience”.


    14. This first stage of realisation that explains why we got ghosted:

    15. This reality that you're beginning to embrace:

    16. This masterclass in parenting:

    Indian mom when their kids asking 'Bachhe kaise hote hain mummy'


    17. And this other instance of parenting 101:

    18. And this crying session you could schedule for your upcoming weekend fun: