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This Mom's Parody Of The Weeknd's "I Can't Feel My Face" Totally Nails Back-To-School Life

"Summer break has been the death of me — thank god it's had its run."

Southern California mom Jessi Sanfilippo created a video parody that absolutely nails parents' mixed emotions about their kids going back to school.

View this video on YouTube / Via

Jessi understands that making your kid's lunch every day is hard. / Via

Cookie-cut this!

And that the morning drop-off can be more stressful than rush-hour traffic. / Via

"Just GO!!!"

But she also knows that sending your kid back to school can be awesome because you can snack without being judged. / Via

Mmmmm Twinkies.

She reminds us how silence can be golden. / Via

"And I can binge-watch shows when you're at school / Real Housewives crush it / I'm not above it."

And that bras and pants are overrated. / Via

"My boobies love it / FedEx guy's blushin."

Thanks, Jessi, for nailing that #momlife. / Via

To see more of Jessi's hilarious take on #momlife, visit her blog, Shuggilippo.

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