A Beautiful Look At Modern Motherhood For The Mocha Mama

    Let your light shine for the world to see.

    Last week Elite Daily published a piece called "The New Face Of Motherhood," which was criticized by many for not truly representing modern motherhood.

    In response to the Elite Daily post, Oakland, California based blogger Brandi Riley collected a variety of images that not only reflect what modern motherhood REALLY looks like, but also represent her community.

    Riley's post and collection of photos can best be described as an homage to the women that inspire, encourage and challenge her both IRL and online.

    Riley found mothers that encourage their kids to embrace their individuality.

    Women who don't let babies get in the way of getting things done; women who love to show they can be moms and follow their passions.

    She highlighted how today's moms recognize how quickly time passes and soak up the snuggles as often as they can.

    Riley found mothers, who instead of shooing their kids away, are happy to let them take over their "mommy time" with minimal grumbling.

    Moms who share fashion fever with their mini-me, even if that means they steal a little bit of their shine.

    Women who embrace technology and use it connect to their children in more ways than ever.

    Riley highlighted mothers who are showing their daughters how to love their brown beauty in ways that were not available to them growing up.

    Mothers who refuse to hide behind the camera. These women enjoy being front and center while making memories with their mini's.

    Letting go and getting silly is just as much a part of their daily routine as preparing a meal.

    Mothers who are open to new forms of learning and love the opportunity to teach their children whenever they can.

    With one post, Riley reminded black women how universal the experience of motherhood can be and how we should celebrate it at every opportunity.

    Want to see more inspiring images of modern black motherhood? You can check out Brandi Riley's post in full here.