20 All Too Real Shirts Moms Need In Their Lives

    Coffee, carpool, cocktails, repeat.

    1. These shirts know you rock your title with pride.

    2. And that a solo trip to Target is heaven.

    3. That you have a million different names.

    4. And it's nothing to work all day and be up all night with the baby.

    5. They know what you need to survive Saturday morning shenanigans.

    6. And that without your coffee you'll be no good to anyone.

    7. They know sometimes being late is out of your control.

    8. They get you are tired. So. Very. Tired.

    9. And that when it comes to your kids, you are NOT to be messed with.

    10. And that sometimes, mama needs a drink.

    11. But that you're essentially living the stereotypical dream.

    12. They understand there is no language barrier when it comes to your name.

    13. That even though you're tired, you're still FABULOUS.

    14. They help you remind people who you are.

    15. They understand in motherhood there's never a dull moment.

    16. They know what you mean by "the essentials."

    17. They understand you're the Mother of Fucking Dragons.

    18. They know when you get it right it can feel like:

    19. And that there is no clocking in or out.

    20. But that no matter how much you complain you know deep down this is true.