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21 Fabulous Kitchen Gadgets Every Family Needs

Ward off the witching hour with these sanity saving tools.

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1. BabyCakes Doughnut Maker

Babycakes / Via

Who needs trips to the donut shop when you can make your own healthier versions at home? Make Saturday mornings special again with this fun favorite that will have the whole family smiling.

Find it here for $29.99

2. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

Kitchen Aid / Via

From bread to cakes to cookies and doughnuts these heavy duty mixers are putting in work in the kitchen and living up their names as a true "aid."

Find it here for $239.99

4. The Cook & Carry Crockpot

Amazon / Via

No longer a 70's splurge, the latest version of the crockpot is the millennial parent's dream. Throw in your ingredients in the morning, turn it on and walk away. Dinner is done, son!

Find it here for $29.99


5. Ninja Blender

Ninja / Via

Streamline your smoothie process with the easy pour lids, quick blending and crushing capabilities of this top of the line model. Oh who are we kidding, they also make a mean margarita.

Find it here for $129.95

8. Ozeri Electric Wine Opener

Ozeri / Via

That wine isn't going to open itself now, is it? No more struggling with getting the cork out, think of how much time you'll save when trying to pour a glass!

Find it here for $19.49


9. ZOKU Popsicle Maker

Zoku / Via

Who wants to wait hours for your treats to freeze? Not your toddler, that's who. Save your summer by having tasty frozen treats on deck or whipping them up in no time with a handy electric popsicle maker.

Find it here for $49.99

10. Alpha Grillers Garlic Press

Amazon / Via

Fresh is best, right? Invest a few dollars in this press for a quick mince to up the flavor factor in your favorite dish. ( Works with ginger too!)

Find it here for $17.97

12. OXO Avocado Slicer

OXO Grips / Via

Absolutely not a need per se but that guac is going to get made a whole lot faster with one of these babies. No need for knife, spoon AND fork just to get to the good stuff!

Find it here for $9.99


13. Hamilton Beach Quesadilla Maker

Hamilton Beach / Via

Sound frivolous? Maybe so, but if your kid LOVES quesadillas you’re going to love this gadget. No more sweating over the stove to make sure it doesn’t burn. Perfect portions every time.

Find it here for $22.14

15. AROMA Rice Cooker

Aroma / Via

One of the greatest inventions ever. You are guaranteed perfect rice every time and there's no need to take up prime stove top real estate since this sets on the counter and gets plugged into the wall.

Find it here for $39.99


18. Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker

Euro Cuisine / Via

Got a kid who's crazy about yogurt, but don't love the brand name prices or store brand flavors? Make your own in a few hours and control the ingredients you put into your kid's bodies!

Find it here for $23.99

19. Cuisinart Waffle Iron

Cuisnart / Via

No more screaming "leggo my Eggo" with a waffle maker that's all your own. Make brunch a regular thing at your house and get custom walffles the whole family will love.

Find it here for $26.99

20. Norpro Mandolin Slicer Grater

Norpro / Via

From grating to slicing, to shredding to julienne style:-get your vegetable game on point and save yourself a trip to the knife block with one handy tool.

Find it here for $17.99