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19 Things We're NOT Doing To Prep For Back To School

For all the non Pinteresting parents.

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4. Send your kid with a "first day gift" for the teacher.

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Pinterest has us all scrambling to be named "most crafty and creative parent EVER," but that's just not real life. Sorry, ma'am, you will get something on Teacher Appreciation day, Christmas and your birthday. That's assuming we remember.


8. Decorate the house with a back to school balloon wall.

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When will you have time to blow up all these balloons AND put them up without waking the kids? We have questions.

9. Shop for back to school "study buddies."

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A plush toy that is sure to bring endless distraction during homework and be the cause for parental frustration! Seems legit.

10. Create elaborate lunches.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: buzzymelibee

Sure, we want our kids to eat well, but that doesn't mean we're going all out to make faces on their sandwiches. At least not every single day.

11. Sign up for all the things.

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The PTA is on a mission to get YOU to join their club, but they don't just want your money, they want your time too. Stay strong when you see them coming.



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