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    19 Things That Happen When You Take Your Teenage Daughter Back To School Shopping

    Shopping with teens equals more reason to serve alcohol in stores.

    1. The excitement and anticipation.

    2. There are delusions of grandeur.

    3. Reality sets in.

    4. You pray you don't have to go to the mall.

    5. You devise a plan and stick to it.

    6. Your teen will have her ideas, and you will have yours.

    7. Blowing a fuse.

    8. Getting hangry.

    9. You hope that they have some semblance of style.

    10. They will get overwhelmed.

    11. You wonder why more stores don't serve alcohol.

    12. Their general lack of excitement.

    13. Their shoe game must be on fleek.

    14. You empathize with your own parents.

    15. They're going to disappear.

    16. You might find your eyes wandering.

    17. Remember they are not you.

    18. Try and end on a high note.

    19. Hopefully you never have to hear them say: