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19 Things That Happen When You Take Your Teenage Daughter Back To School Shopping

Shopping with teens equals more reason to serve alcohol in stores.

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5. You devise a plan and stick to it.


Make a list of what she needs and who has the best sales. Also, set a budget and agree on what items are off limits before heading out. It will save you from saying anything negative.

8. Getting hangry.

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Shopping on an empty stomach is never a good idea. Shopping with a moody teenager on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster. Be sure to eat first and if that's not possible at least carry some snacks to tide you over.


9. You hope that they have some semblance of style.

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Understand that they might not really want your help in this department and let them try and figure out if that striped top goes with those plaid pants.

11. You wonder why more stores don't serve alcohol.

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Would it kill them to offer a little champagne while you waste away waiting for your kid to put on a pair of pants? Sadly, short of carrying around a flask or spiking your coffee there's nothing you can do about this one.


14. You empathize with your own parents.

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You now realize one of two things: 1) your parents were right to be irritated at the end of a shopping trip with you. 2) A love for shopping sometimes skips a generation.

15. They're going to disappear.

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Instead of being irritated by the momentary disappearance, take a moment to see what they're looking at and help steer them toward options in their price and style range.

16. You might find your eyes wandering.

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You might find it hard to fight the urge to duck into your favorite stores in search a little something to make you smile. After hours of buying for someone else it's only right you treat yo' self.


18. Try and end on a high note.

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Chances are you will both be wound a little tightly after all is said and done so go ahead and treat yourselves to a little post-shopping pedicure to relax those nerves and get on the good foot for the year ahead.