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    22 K-Pop Jokes That'll Make You Say, "That's So Me"

    "Me: I've been listening to K-pop recently. Grandpa: So like Gangnam Style? Me: No not like that, never that."

    1. When your friends show the tiniest sliver of interest:

    *family member/friend shows the smallest interest in kpop* me:

    2. When your family doesn't understand your priorities:

    3. When you start believing in the conspiracy theories:

    me: y'all really believe those kpop prediction accounts?? lmaoooo can't relate kpop prediction acc: makes a prediction that fits my wants and needs me: y'all it's happening

    4. When you try to imitate your bias, but you can't live up:

    5. When you only have K-pop on the brain:

    Things kpop did to me I effing wrote Busan Burner instead of Bunsen Burner

    6. When you talk about K-pop so much that even non-fans know your faves:

    me: why do you know bts? non kpop friend:

    7. When people only know that one song we don't speak of:

    My grandparents: What kind of music do you listen to? Me: I've been listening to kpop recently. Grandpa: So like gangnam style? Me: no not like that, never that

    8. When you don't want to admit the truth:

    [during sex] Kpop stans: hurt me Them: BTS paved the way for your faves Kpop stans: wait Them: even they admit it too Kpop stans: stop

    9. When you need to have control of the aux cord:

    me when i’m singing hi high and my non kpop friend is driving

    10. When you have to choose between your faves:

    Friend who’s new to Kpop: You’re multifandom, right? Me: Yes Friend: What’s a multi’s worst nightmare? Me, in fear: ...Voting Season

    11. When you have to get creative:

    : can u stop playing kpop songs!? Me: *switches from exo-k to exo-m* #EXO ⁠ #EXOPLANET #EXO_COMINGSOON ⁠ @weareoneEXO

    12. When people start asking too many questions:

    me: spends all my money on kpop albums mum: β€œwhere’s your money gone?” me:

    13. When your whole family is on board:

    In The Future: Me: *listening to BTS* Child: Hey Mom! who's the one singing? Me: oh! that is my bias and this was my favorite KPOP group back then! I- Husband: shhh! it is my part, be quiet.

    14. When you hear the intro to a song and you already know it's gonna be a bop:

    Me when I hear β€˜I need a cha cha beat boy’

    15. When you have a conversation with a K-pop "fan" that only knows BTS or Girls' Generation:

    Ppl: OMG U LISTEN TO KPOP TOO? Me: Yes!!!!!! Ppl: WHO DO U LIKE? Me: B.A.P OMG Ppl: …… who? Me:

    16. When your friends open the door to your wealth of knowledge:

    people always ask me, β€œwhat group should I stan next” which prompts me to pull out my kpop encyclopedia and psychoanalyze what group would be best for them

    17. When nobody understands your love for your bias:

    when my classmates are kpop fans but no one is a wannable like me

    18. When you randomly meet another K-pop fan in public:

    kpop stans in public: OH MY GOD YOU'RE KPOPPERS TOO? me within 10 meters away from them:

    19. When you are looking for that hot tea:

    me: can i get the tea, sis? barista: black? me: no barista: chai? me: no barista: kpop stans talk about how everyone should support small and underrated groups but they don't give victon a chance and sleep on them even tho they are all talented, handsome and funny me: nice

    20. When you start to find new ways to interact with the fandom:

    can someone create an app where you can select the kpop groups you stan and your location then it will find other people near you who are stans of those groups too

    21. When other K-pop fans are automatically friends:

    22. And finally, when you have to clap back at the haters:

    Its 2k18 and people are still telling me β€œwhy would i listen to kpop, i dont understand their language.” BITCH YOU LISTEN TO FUCKING DESPACITO. YOU DONT NEED TO KNOW A LANGUAGE TO APPRECIATE OR LIKE A SONG BITCH