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    18 Things You'll Understand If You're The Only Couple In Your Friend Group

    The constant search for couple friends is too real.

    1. Meeting another couple these days is like finding a rare Pokémon, so you might come off a little strong at first.


    2. And when you think you've found consistent couple friends, you just end up disappointed when they break up like all the rest.


    3. You think its adorable when your friends claim they're "in love" after only knowing someone for a few weeks.


    4. You automatically become the lookout for your friends' potential bae because you don't need to look for yourself anymore.


    5. You want to do couple-like group activities weekly, like game nights and dinner parties, despite knowing your friends really don't want to.

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    6. And they always want you to make spontaneous decisions, but it's never that easy because you want to consult your other half first.

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    7. Whenever your partner tries to tell a story of what "actually happened" to your mutual friends, you have the receipts to back up your side.

    8. And you can always pull up their pre-filtered, glow-up photos as a last resort, which they shouldn't have let you see in the first place.

    9. While all your friends are busy swiping right on love, you're swiping through which pizza toppings you both want for your Netflix binge.


    10. Since you've been in your happy relationship bubble for too long, you have to check in with your friends every once in a while to make sure you're still behaving like a normal person.


    11. Your friends already know the unspoken rule: You always need a plus one for your S.O. to every wedding, vacation, and group hang.


    12. And they like to call you both weird for having the exact same interests, style, and mannerisms.


    13. You have to tone down the PDA when you are around your friends because they don't understand true love.


    14. So you try to sneak in kisses whenever you can like the smooth ninja you are.


    15. You have to tolerate hearing everyone's two cents about your relationship any time you have a disagreement in front of your friends.


    16. Your nosey friends ask you every invasive question about relationships under the sun, like "How often do you [insert TMI thing here]?"


    17. You get a good laugh when your friends wrongly assume that you're both attached at the hip 24/7 or you can't have fun anymore 'cause you're in a relationship.


    18. Because you both know that you can be fun, independent, and in a relationship, all at the same time.

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