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    11 Cats Who Made Their Humans Proud And 11 Who Are The Absolute Worst

    Why do they do the things they do?

    1. This cat who just wanted to chill out with some peaches:

    My parents’ cat inexplicably LOVES peaches, and it’s the most delightful thing. They send regular picture updates to the family group chat of this cat just chilling with the peaches. It’s the most important notification I get to my phone.

    @LydiaCoutre / Via Twitter

    And this one who was chillin' in the wrong place:

    @AwwwwCats / Via Twitter

    2. This cat who decided to spare a life:

    "I could kill her. I could totally kill, I'll do it tomorrow."

    @Catvibes1234 / Via Twitter

    And this cat who deliberately went down to eight lives:

    My friend's cat is out here trying to collect some insurance money.

    @Mr_DrinksOnMe / Via Twitter

    3. This cat who came to the rescue:

    Hero cat saving his owner from drowning

    @CatotDay / Via Twitter

    And this cat who didn't care at all:

    @bnr7403 / Via Twitter

    4. This cat who wanted to cuddle:

    @Kirika_ma_cos / Via Twitter

    And this one who wanted to be a little too close:

    Stupid ass cat jumped in my video I gotta re do 🙄

    @JaretteNicole / Via Twitter

    5. These cats who were capable of love:

    They've been dating for more than a year now

    @PinkMiruku / Via Twitter

    And these cats who only looked out for themselves:

    @MaudBernab / Via Twitter

    6. This cat who defended the world:

    lord give me the confidence and fortitude of this cat wearing a dish towel cape

    @jaygootz / Via Twitter

    And this cat who stole from his family:

    merry Christmas here's my cat getting busted for taking a cinnamon roll 2 seconds after we told him no

    @_sophocles_ / Via Twitter

    7. This kitty who was a model:

    "You're a good cat. You don't care what the other cats say. You is kind. You is smart. You is important."

    @bimadew / Via Twitter

    And this one who was a thief:

    @radtoria / Via Twitter

    8. This cat who provided comfort:

    My dog was terrified of the fireworks so my cat went and cuddled up with her my heart is crying still

    @viceves / Via Twitter

    And this one who took it away:

    1. how did he do this 2. why did he do this

    @elinmeat / Via Twitter

    9. This cat who was inexplicably strong:

    everyday i think about this buff cat i encountered last year

    @officialbuffcat / Via Twitter

    And this one who reinvented the phrase "scaredy cat":

    she's been screaming at these water droplets for 3 fucking minutes get out of the shower you tiny moron

    @baz00per / Via Twitter

    10. This cat who used its skills for good:

    @arbiv2lo / Via Twitter

    And these cats who used them for evil:

    "Go back to bed. This doesn't concern you."

    @Richard_Kadrey / Via Twitter

    11. Finally, this cat who behaved like a member of the family:

    so my parents got this kitten yesterday and now my other cat thinks she’s her mama and is super protective over her and it’s just the cutest thing in the world

    @suhraaah / Via Twitter

    And this one who behaved like something out of this world:

    @skeletonpup / Via Twitter

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