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We Asked Our Grandparents What They Want For Christmas This Year

Have they been naughty or nice?

"One of my grandchildren got me one of those Wii's for Christmas last year. So this year I'm asking for some new games for that.

"I was probably supposed to say something like slippers, wasn't I?"

– Courtesy of Joe B.

"All I want is for my kids and grandkids to be with me for Christmas."

– Courtesy of Ashley S.

"The best gift for me, honestly, is watching my grandchildren open their presents. They're only ages 5 and 8, so Christmas is everything to them. To see the sheer joy and excitement on their faces is wonderful."

– Sharon S.

"I ask for the same thing every year: Board games!"

– Joyce M.

My grandma is very against presents nowadays because she claims that she has everything, and it's just more stuff for my mum to sort out when she dies. (This is very morbid, but she's a practical grandma.)

This year, she has a list of items that people are allowed to buy her:

1. A bin (Yes a bin, my cousin actually bought her the bin for her birthday, which was last week, and she was pretty pissed off because she didn't want any BDay presents and the bin was specifically supposed to be for Christmas.)

2. A calendar

3. Those diffuser things that make the room smell nice

4. Post-it notes for her to use when she's on the phone and need to writes stuff down

– Ben A.

Me: Gran, what would you like for Christmas if you could have anything in the world?

Gran: A bungalow in a lovely area with a little garden and a stream at the end. I'd get big boulder-y flat stones and grow all moss on them so I could sit on them in the summer with my feet in the stream and read my books.

Me: Aww, that's cute. How about you, Grandad?

Grandad: *cuttingly* No, thanks.

Gran: A giant gobstopper.

– Antonia B.

"I would love to spend one Christmas on an island somewhere with all of my family."

– Courtesy of Bijay.

"Of course, it goes without saying that I want to have all my family together. When you get older, you appreciate each Christmas that much more as it's always a time that everyone makes a point to come home for. And sometimes that doesn't happen for the rest of the year.

"However, I would really like to see Sunderland win on Boxing Day. It's been a tough year."

– Courtesy of Walter

"I have everything I need. I'd just ask for my children's good health and wellbeing."

– Courtesy of Tony.

"All we need is God’s blessing. I’m an old man now, so all I need is my hat, stick, and coat."

– Courtesy of Priya M.

"That's a no-brainer. At 81, I have no wish for or need for 'things.' My wish for Christmas would be a donation in any amount to the scholarship fund at the nonprofit nature centre I volunteer at.

"Probably 90% of our kids there receive some kind of financial support, and no child is ever turned away from any of our programs because they can't afford to pay."

– Courtesy of Judy S.

"I have everything I need now because my family are happy and healthy, but when I was younger I always wanted to learn how to drive so maybe driving lessons. I'm way too old now but I feel like it would have changed my life a lot."

– Courtesy of Samitri.

"I just want my family to be happy. Everyone gets so caught up in the stresses of life, and I think the holidays are really a time for us to come together and spend quality time with one another. Oh, and I want a nice cashmere jumper too."

Courtesy of Paris S.

What are your grandparents asking for this Christmas?

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