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14 Reasons Everyone Is Talking About "Mr. Robot"

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14. It doesn't follow the rules of TV.

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Everything about Mr. Robot is bold. This isn't how you're supposed to make a TV show. You're certainly not supposed to make one about hackers.

But by god, it works.

13. It's a 21st century Fight Club.

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At it's most basic, Mr. Robot is about underground vigilantes railing against the evils of corporate America. Ring a bell?

The Chuck Palahniuk influences are clear, but make no mistake – it's no copycat. More a brilliant homage.

12. And there's a little American Psycho in there too.

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Prepare to also be lost in devilishly blue eyes of Swedish actor Martin Wallström, who plays the "evil" suit Tyrell Wellick.

11. It's a show about hacking that won't make you cringe.

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It's fair to say that when TV tries to do "the internet", it's usually pretty damn awful. But it's not the case here. Everything you see and every weird sounding bit of hacker lingo is totally real.

Even Edward Snowden couldn't find any holes in it. That's pretty legit!

10. In fact, the real world parallels are convincing to the point of being eerie.

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Mr. Robot pretty much predicted the Ashley Madison leak, which makes it all the creepier when the characters start referring to it as a plot point in later episodes.

9. It's New York, but not the one you're used to.

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It's not the hipster wonderland you see in other shows, nor does the entire city solely revolve around six kooky friends and their wacky, sexy antics.

No, this is what a sprawling, concrete metropolis actually looks like. One in which individuals can slip through the cracks of society and into an underworld of genuine anonymity.

8. You'll remember why Christian Slater was so big in the '90s... (If you're old enough.)

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And if you aren't old enough, you'll quickly see why he's so beloved and why everyone's so damn excited to see him.

3. It's the only series ever to earn a perfect score for every single episode on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Breaking Bad couldn't do that. Game of Thrones couldn't do that. Even The Wire couldn't do that. That's how f*****g fantastic this show is.

(Sorry, but it's bloody good).