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14 Questions "Mr Robot" Fans Need Answers To In Season 2

Spoilers ahead!

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1. What happened during those three days Elliot blacked out?

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Well, we know that fsociety's plan came together, but just like Elliot, we have a huge three-day-shaped hole where the climax of the season was supposed to be.

What exactly happened? And will we (or Elliot) ever find out?

2. Speaking of...where's Tyrell Wellick?

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Tyrell was the key to making the whole thing happen and...then Elliot woke up in his car with Mr Robot's own Swedish Psycho nowhere to be found.

Common sense says he's in hiding. But remember the camera lingering a moment too long on the handgun hidden in the popcorn machine?

3. And Elliot can't be Tyrell, too...right?

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It seems unlikely, but their paths have been inexplicably linked since Tyrell bonded with Elliot over a love of Linux.

Chekhov's Swede? Or is Elliot in way deeper than he even realises?

4. What about that meeting between Elliot and Joanna Wellick?

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Tyrell's one thing, but we're more scared of Joanna and her pickle fork. Especially after that tense conversation in the street with Elliot.

The Wellick marriage is weird enough as it is, but Joanna's a complete unknown. Does she know nothing? Or everything?

5. What else has Elliot forgotten?

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The real shocking moment of Season 1 was the reveal about Darlene. And it appears it wasn't the first time Elliot had suffered from a little patchy memory.

Aside from the three days of the hack, what else from Elliot's past has he lost?

6. Will Mike/Lenny make good on his promise?

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Ah, Lenny. What a scumbag he was!

Despite being a largely terrible human (he faked cancer!), he believes pretty strongly that two wrongs don't make a right. And with his questionable morals, it might not bode well for Elliot.

7. And what about Gideon and Allsafe?

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Meanwhile, nice guy Gideon has lost everything (however, the hack means his own debts are also wiped clean, so he's not completely down and out).

In taking Evil Corp down, AllSafe was the collateral damage, and Gideon knows Elliot isn't completely innocent.

He also knows Tyrell Wellick, which makes him in a very interesting person for whoever starts investigating the hack.

8. Who's at the door?

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Tyrell. Darlene. Angela. Lenny. Gideon, Joanna. The FBI. All possible visitors. Or could it just be Elliot's subconscious forcing him to choose whether or not to let Mr Robot in?

9. Is Angela really ready to become part of Evil Corp?

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Becoming jaded with the status quo is one thing, but Angela joining Evil Corp is a little difficult to get your head around. But then again, that was a pretty crappy first day at the office.

Is she really trying to bring down the company from within? Or has she just had one traumatic experience too many?

10. With Evil Corp in ruins, what is fsociety's next target?

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"Guys, this isn't about what we'll do tomorrow. This is about what we did. I mean, look at all these people. They're free because of us. Because of what we did in this room. We're finally awake. We're finally alive."

Great speech, Darlene. But after reducing the global economy to rubble, they're not really going to go and find a suitable nine-to-five job, are they?

11. What are the consequences of the biggest cyberterrorist attack ever made?

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The story of Elliot and fsociety has been a fun one to follow, but they just carried out a pretty major crime.

Throwing a sweet party to cover the arcade in fingerprints was a cute trick, but is that really enough to keep the FBI off their trail?

12. Who's in control? Elliot or Mr Robot?

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Elliot might be aware that Mr Robot is a father-shaped figment of his imagination, but that hasn't exactly set him free.

And judging from the fight he had with himself in Times Square (and the coffee shop), maybe it's Mr Robot who's still in charge.

13. Who is the real Whiterose?

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The beep of the watch confirmed to us that it was Whiterose chatting with Evil Corp CEO Phillip Price, post-hack and post-credits, with the 1% seemingly doing just fine.

So which side is Whiterose playing? Or is it both?

14. What's next for the world?

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Fsociety's plan to wipe out the majority of people's debt worked. The economy is on the brink of collapse, people are marching in the streets, and a man shot himself in the head on live television.

Where do we go from here?

Season 2 of Mr Robot premieres 14 July exclusively on Amazon Prime.

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