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14 Questions "Mr Robot" Fans Need Answers To In Season 2

Spoilers ahead!

OK, before we start, if you haven't already, GO WATCH SEASON 1!

All up to date? Good. Let's get going...

1. What happened during those three days Elliot blacked out?

2. Speaking of...where's Tyrell Wellick?

3. And Elliot can't be Tyrell, too...right?

4. What about that meeting between Elliot and Joanna Wellick?

5. What else has Elliot forgotten?

6. Will Mike/Lenny make good on his promise?

7. And what about Gideon and Allsafe?

8. Who's at the door?

9. Is Angela really ready to become part of Evil Corp?

10. With Evil Corp in ruins, what is fsociety's next target?

11. What are the consequences of the biggest cyberterrorist attack ever made?

12. Who's in control? Elliot or Mr Robot?

13. Who is the real Whiterose?

14. What's next for the world?

Season 2 of Mr Robot premieres 14 July exclusively on Amazon Prime.

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