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Stories That Prove Everyone Needs Their Ride-Or-Die BFF

Everyone needs that person who will be there through the good, the bad, the embarrassing, and the unexpected! Catch up with our favorite group of friends in Season 2 of Harlem on Prime.

We asked people to tell us about their friends who had their back through funny, memorable, and wild situations. Here are some of their stories:

And The Award Goes To...

"In college, my best friend and I both worked at the same job and our boss knew we were taking a road trip together. The trip was going so great but we were due to get back to work and we did NOT want the fun to end. So, my friend came up with and executed the plan: She called our boss in (fake) tears and claimed we were stranded out of town because our ride was arrested and we didn't know what to do. Her awardworthy performance had our boss giving us lots of advice and fully understanding our predicament. The party went on!"

– Ali P.

Friends Don't Let Friends Have Bad Sex

"I went to a pretty conservative school growing up so anything about sex or masturbation was NEVER talked about. Through high school I didn't know a dang thing about sex and was too afraid to ask anyone. Luckily, I met my best friend my senior year of high school and she decided I couldn't go to college without being properly educated. So, yes, my 18-year-old friend gave me the sex talk and even bought me a vibrator as a send-off present for college. My advice, find yourself a BFF who wants you to have a good sex life!"

–Tessa C.

Piercing Pals

"In college I had always wanted a septum piercing but I’m super afraid of needles. Not only did my friends encourage me to get the piercing, but they went with me to hold my hand. AND they got matching nose piercings with me! That was some true dedication!"

–Jamie E.

Putting the "O" In Milestone

"My group of girlfriends bought me a "congrats on your orgasm" cake the first time I had one from sex."

– Mallory T. 

Bathroom Buddies

"There’s no other way to say this…I had a situation with my butt. It was that stage when you are concerned, but hadn't been to the doctor yet. So I was at this very elegant cafe with a friend, and as things do, it came up in conversation. What I forgot was that she was in medical school. She said come with me. And there, in that lovely bathroom, she had me pull my pants down and show her. To my great relief she told me it was nothing, and we went back and ate lovely pastries to celebrate — my treat, of course. To me that’s true friendship."

–Kristin D. 

Dating Duo

"You know you’ve found your ride or die when they are willing to do anything with you...even a date! After a breakup, it was hard for me to get back into the dating game. My best friend decided that if I wasn’t going to take the plunge, she would do it with me. So she set up a blind double date for us both to go on. There wasn't a romantic connection, but we had so much fun together and the fact that my friend was able to turn something I was dreading into such a great memory is why I love her."

–Alex S.

Blazed And Confused

"One time I went to a party with my friends and forgot I was on medicine so I took an edible. The edible/medicine combo ended up resulting in a really wild trip to the point where I forgot my own address. My friend knew she had to get me home so she spent hours driving my car around and calling everyone in my address book (including my mom) to find out my address. Mind you, the entire time I was singing opera in the car. If that’s not a ride-or-die friend, I don’t know what is."

–Jess K.

Traveling Twosome

"I've been lucky enough to travel lots with one of my BFFs. Together, we've traversed several international cities, experiencing quite a lot together. We don't usually have specific itineraries when we travel, so we usually just create our days in places like Stockholm or Barcelona as we go. We've formed a really nice, intuitive flow when we travel, so there's always room for compromise or last-minute requests. It's just really lovely because we're able to sort of fulfill our own wanderlust-y desires while also creating lasting memories with one another as close friends."

–Kyle D.

Who is your ride or die? Don't miss Season 2 of Harlem on Prime and see what life will throw at our girls this time!

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