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11 Reasons Kyle Allen Is Perfect In “The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things”

Life is complicated. Life on loop? That's an entirely different story. The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, starring Kathryn Newton and Kyle Allen, debuts Feb. 12 only on Prime Video.

1. In The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, Kyle Allen plays Mark, a young man as charming as he is down-to-earth.

2. In every way, Mark is just a regular guy. Except for, like, one small thing.

3. The Map of Tiny Perfect Things tells Mark's story as he navigates a world trapped in an endless time loop, alongside the only other person also stuck within it, Margaret (played by Kathryn Newton).

4. Mark accomplishes quite a bit, including but not limited to...

5. Having a pillow fight and looking very attractive whilst doing so...

6. Gliding down a school hallway with a friend in tow (let's hear it for climate-conscious ride-sharing!)...

7. Employing a gaze that thoroughly 👏 penetrates 👏 the 👏 soul 👏...

8. Delivering poignant advice, which ultimately begs the question: If Kyle Allen is handsome, endearing, and insightful, what can't he do?!

9. Even while damaging private property, Kyle Allen looks smashing.

10. So you see, Kyle brings a sort ne sais the role of Mark. It may be due to his handsomeness, it could be his charisma, or perhaps it's his ability to offer the perfect piggyback. At the end of the day, truly who is to say?

11. So while we wait for Kyle to grace our screens in The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, we'll be here rewatching this moving image of Kyle being the perfect hand-holder.

Imagery courtesy of Prime Video

Don't miss Kyle Allen in The Map of Tiny Perfect Things when it premieres on Prime Video on Feb. 12.

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