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Here's Everything To Know About Blumhouse’s New Thrillers

October is gonna be an eerie, unsettling month with these films. Welcome to the Blumhouse on Amazon Prime Video is four original, dark thrillers: The Lie, Black Box, Nocturne, and Evil Eye.

In "The Lie", a divorced couple helps their only daughter in a disturbing cover-up.

But brace yourself for an anger-inducing twist. And you're gonna wanna chat with someone about it.

And, you should know, this dramatic mystery is gonna make you think twice about having kids.

Starring an all-Black cast, "Black Box" has a high-concept premise that asks, "WTF is that thing living in this guy's head?"

It's a twisted psychological thriller; but not gonna lie, we cried a little.

"Nocturne" is a psychological thriller about a young pianist who is tired of living in her twin sister's shadow.

Super stylized, "Nocturne" balances classical music, striking visuals, and an artfully ambiguous story.

A supernatural thriller, "Evil Eye" takes a seemingly perfect romance and turns it upside down.

It stars an Indian family and focuses on Indian culture.

All of the Blumhouse movies feature strong female characters in leading roles.

And there are killer female creatives behind the scenes, too.

Now, sit forward, tense up, and enjoy the Welcome to the Blumhouse trailer.

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All imagery is courtesy of Blumhouse and Amazon.