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12 Amazon Prime Day Items That Will (Probably) Change Your Life

Get great deals on the weird and the wonderful on Prime Day, July 12.

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6. Or, if you want to go to sleep, this cat purr therapy audio CD is said to be an "untapped resource for healing, strength, and relaxation."

Courtesy of Amazon

It's just a recording of a cat purring (i.e., the best and most relaxing sound in the world). The cat on the cover is mildly terrifying, but the sounds within are incredible.

11. This portable LED light rope is called a Luminoodle™, and we all need one.

Courtesy of Amazon

It's "the world’s first completely waterproof, flexible, ultra-bright ambient lighting solution that can be hung, strung, hooked, stuck to or wrapped around basically anything."

The deals are everywhere this Prime Day. On Tuesday, July 12, the second-annual Prime Day will feature more than 100,000 deals worldwide exclusively for Prime members, making it the biggest Amazon event ever.

New to Prime Day this year, customers can discover a “hidden” widget where a curated selection of weird and wonderful items can be found.

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