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Shop 6 Great Amazon Launchpad Gifts And Meet The Launchers That Created Them

Picks for everyone on your list!

This holiday season, find great gifts and support small brands with Amazon Launchpad.

A person giving a holiday gift to another person

Amazon Launchpad provides marketing tools and other benefits to help innovative and small brands grow their businesses.

To learn more about these inventive companies, check out Meet the Launchers. You can read about how and why these brands were founded and also browse products from a variety of categories such as Black-owned companies and companies focused on sustainability.

Two people in holiday outfits hugging

Shop some of the best gifts from each category below:


1. This Whipped Shea Butter made by Mother's Shea, a Black-owned business that creates hand, face, and body moisturizers.

A jar of Mother Shea's whipped shea butter.


2. The imagiCharm, a smart coding accessory. It's made by imagiLabs, which aims to help girls learn to code.

The imagiCharm device set in front of its box.


3. The sleek Mayu Water Bottle made by Mayu Water, which strives to change our relationship with water.

The Mayu water bottle next to its bamboo top.

Social good:

4. This WAW Badfish Bodysurfing Handplane that helps you have even more fun bodysurfing and is made from plastic recycled from the ocean.

A person bodysurfing with the WAW Badfish handplane.


5. This Sustainable Glam Leave-in Spray Conditioner that's made with organic ingredients and comes in a recyclable, plant-based bottle.

A bottle of Sustainable Glam leave-in conditioner set on a bathroom counter.


6. This Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener that automatically opens cans with just the touch of a button!

The Kitchen Mama electric can opener in red and white.

Check out Amazon Launchpad for more great picks from entrepreneurial brands!