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12 Fun Summer Essentials From Small Brands On Amazon Launchpad

Make the most of your summer this year with these cool, innovative products from small businesses.

No matter how you plan to spend your summer, you can find innovative products that will help you enjoy the season to the fullest in Amazon Launchpad’s online store. The Amazon Launchpad store features tons of unique finds from small brands, including plenty of picks perfect for summer. Check out some of the summer essentials below to find something you love!

"Backyard BBQ" text set above a photo of a grill on grass

1. This Smart Meat Thermometer that has a bluetooth range of 165 feet so you can enjoy your get-together while still keeping an eye on your food.

The thermometer and the app on a phone

2. This Elijah's Xtreme Regret Hot Sauce for anyone who wants to add some serious spice to their meal.

The hot sauce

3. This Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaner Set to help you get the grill ready for your next backyard BBQ!

The Q-swiper next to the packaging
"Beach Days" text set on a photo of a beach from above

1. This Inflatable Beach Pillow that's easy to pack up and bring anywhere. Because lets face it, sand feels nice on your toes but it doesn't make a great pillow.

Three people lying out on the beach with the inflatable pillow

2. This Small Portable Cooler Bag that has room for just the right amount of drinks for a relaxing afternoon.

The cooler bag with some drinks inside

3. This Watersports Board so you can have fun while being towed underwater behind a boat.

A person being pulled underwater while holding on to the board
"Get Outdoors" text set on a photo of a mountain sunset

1. This Solar-Powered Camping Lantern that can also charge your phone.

The camping lantern charging a phone

2. This Ninja Obstacle Course for Kids that can turn your outdoor space into a super-fun adventure zone.

All the pieces of the obstacle course laid out

3. This Insulated Water Bottle that also has a hidden compartment so you can keep all your essentials on hand wherever you go.

The water bottle with water splashing out
"Stay Cool" text set on a icy background

1. This 400-thread count Sheet Set that's made from eucalyptus to help you stay cooler at night.

The white sheet set on an ombre background

2. This Dog Bath Brush that can be attached to a hose or shower so you can keep your dog cool and clean.

A person using the brush on a dog

3. This Cooling Fan for Beds so you won't have to keep flipping your pillow to get to the cool side.

The bed fan set up on a bed

Find more amazing summer picks from small brands with Amazon Launchpad!